Billy Gunn Interview – August 2011


Billy Gunn recently sat down with Duane Doogan from Wrestling Voice Radio, he spoke about his early career training with Harris Brothers, becoming the WWF Tag Team Champions with Bart Gunn, the New Age Outlaws, his time as a member of D-Generation X and the media frenzy that surrounded his on screen marriage to Chuck Palumbo.

He says that nobody should ever blame the WWE when its talent fails drug tests. He claims WWE never tell performers to take anything and for a long time he was angry and blamed the WWE for his personal problems but in the end he now takes full responsibility and says it’s helped him get to a good place in his life.

When asked if he minded having the rug pulled from under his singles push in 1999 after winning KOTR and working with The Rock and Stone Cold, he said he minded but wasn’t going to waste his time complaining, he said he was told what he had to do and he did his job.